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Please pre-order 48 business hours in advance.
Cakes and slices available for walk-ins. *Limited quantity available.

A layer of graham cracker crust, a cream cheese layer, topped with a layer of sour cream and sugar. Each layer is specially created according to the original recipe over a secret two day process. The result? The most memorable cheesecake experience you have ever had.

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  • Fruit Garnish on top

6 inches:


Gluten Free - $30

9 inches:


Gluten Free - $42

  • Oreo Cookie
  • Nutella
  • Snickers
  • Reese's
  • Holiday Candy

6 inches


Gluten Free - $33

9 inches


Gluten Free - $47

  • Raspberry
  • Coulis
  • Caramel
  • Strawberry
  • Milk Chocolate Sauce
  • ** Seasonal Fruit (**Inquire pricing)
  • ** Turtle (**Inquire pricing)

6 inches


Gluten Free - $35

9 inches


Gluten Free - $52

Includes cutting, tray, and assortment of fresh fruit and candy toppings
1" x 1" piece / 60 bites (2 - 3 bites for a person)

1 square cake - $75

1 square cake gluten Free - $85

  • 1 square cake serves 15 - 20 people
  • 2 square cake serves 35 - 40 people
  • 3 square cake serves 55 - 60 people
  • 4 square cake serves 75 - 80 people
  • and larger

Serving as many as people as your heart desires!

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This Cheesecake is magic.

Nobody puts together a memory like Namesake Cheesecake does.

Wedding, birthday, baby shower, engagement, hallowing party, and more.

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Oh Goodness

Cheesecake & Delivery. Sweet and simple.

Sweet! (pun intended)

Tasting. Party Planning. Decoration & Cake Setup & Cleanup

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Tasting. Party Planning. Rentals. Decor. Cake Setup & Cleanup

Where We are

On El Camino Real between College Ave and Middle Ave. Next to Shell Station.


History of Namesake Cheesecake

Cherith Spicer and Mrs. Cherith Lorraine Rickey at her birth day dinner. 2001

Cherith Spicer when she inherited the cheesecake recipe in 2004 and and Mrs. Cherith Lorraine Rickey.

Hi! My name is Cherith Spicer and I started Namesake Cheesecake to honor my dear family friend, Cherith Lorraine, for whom I am named.

In Honor of Mrs. Lorraine Ricky

Cherith Lorraine was a wife, mother, grandmother, friend and hostess. Along with her husband, John Rickey, she co-owned several Bay Area restaurants, including Rick’s Swiss Chalet, Dinah’s Shack and Rickey’s Hyatt House in Palo Alto. Over the years she perfected a cheesecake recipe that was shared by friends, family and patrons of her restaurants.

Good Times Together

I was one of the lucky friends who enjoyed the cheesecake on many occasions. Her cheesecake was the highlight of holiday parties and family get togethers. The recipe was kept secret, even from her family.

The only person she shared the recipe with was me. She gave me the recipe when I promised that I would create a company with that recipe. I started Namesake Cheesecake to continue the tradition of excellent cheesecake for good times together, whether it’s a party at home, a dinner out, or a catered event.

Bite Size

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have cakes/slices ready for purchase at the store without placing an order?

We will always do our the best to have available products for walk ins. It is however, a first come first serve bases. We ask for a 48 business hour advance and it is highy suggested. Each layer is specially created according to the original recipe over a secret two day process. The result? The most memorable cheesecake experience you have ever had.

Do you deliver cake?

We deliver depending on quantity of cakes.

Where is the location I can pick up cake?

Our store - 425 EL CAMINO REAL, MENLO PARK, CA 94025

How can I place an order?

Please call +1 (650) 833-9529 or email at cherith@namesakecheesecake.com